New York City

Camera Obscura Installation

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  • Motorized rotation for both the vertical and azimuth axels
  • Motorized focus to change between near and distant views.
  • A custom built eyepiece viewer adapted for photographic use.
  • 15 degree field of view on the viewing table
  • A motorized shutter to block the image on the table when the instrument is not in use.
  • Optically polished viewing window on the turret

This 8-inch f/17 was built for Charles Schwartz in New York City.

After a brief history of camera obscuras, Schwartz examines in detail the photographic capabilities of his instrument. From his ideal location overlooking Central Park he captures images of joggers, traffic, wildlife, skyscrapers and colorful sunsets.

Charles Schwartz Camera Obscura Website


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Private Installation. Map does not reflect location. For general reference only.