Altadena, California

Camera Obscura Installation

Photo of View of the turret and viewing room


  • Motorized focus and adjustment
  • Full rotation in azimuth
  • Significant rotation in altitude enabling views of the moon, several planets and other celestial objects
  • Specialized custom designed eyepiece that could be moved on the viewing table to allow visual and photographic recording of the image
  • Motorized door on the turret to protect the lens and mirror when not in use

A fully adjustable 6-inch f/15 instrument with a custom eyepiece viewer was completed in Altadena, CA for a private customer.


  • Photo of View of the turret and viewing room
  • Photo of Photo of the Arco Tower at night taken using the this Camera Obscura
  • Photo of Eye piece focusing unit
  • Photo of
  • Photo of George T Keene at the light table of this camera obscura where the image is displayed. He is using a custom magnifier that allows him to get a closer view and even attach a camera for photography,
  • Photo of


Location on map is approximate only. This was a private installation not available to the public.