Camera Obscura Projects by George T. Keene

While most of his projects were in the category of modern motorized COs, there was a new interest in utilizing his custom designs in environmental art.

Art Projects


Photographers and environmental arts professionals are exploring how to use specialized lenses to capture, project and display exterior views inside a viewing area.

Altadena, California


A fully adjustable 6-inch f/15 instrument with a custom eyepiece viewer was completed in Altadena, CA for a private customer

New York City


This 8-inch f/17 was built for Charles Schwartz in New York City.

Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA


A fully adjustable 12-inch f/25 instrument was placed in the exhibit area of the newly renovated facility of the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California for its opening in 2006. The Camera Obscura is part of a larger exhibit designed to orient viewers to objects on the horizon and in the surrounding sky. This Camera Obscura, located on the roof, offers breathtaking scenic views of the greater Los Angeles Basin and the Hollywood sign from the viewing room.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland


An 8-inch, f/16 camera obscura was built for the University of Dundee, Scotland and installed as a public exhibit in the Cairngorms National Park mountains north of Edinburgh.