Camera Obscura


Photo of George T. Keene standing next to one of his camera obscuras

Features available from George T. Keene for a modern camera obscura

Cost Considerations

Each camera obscura offers unique challenges and the costs must be matched to the customer’s resources. In this section I’ve noted some of the factors in my rough estimates.

My CO Projects

Photo of the front of the Griffith Observatory with the GTK camera obscura visible to the left of the main dome on the roof. Photo by Frank Steele.

While most of my projects are in the category of modern motorized COs, there is a new interest in utilizing my custom designs in environmental art.


Frequently asked questions about the Camera Obscura that I answer, includes; inverted images, making a simple camera obscura, obtaining brighter images and more.


Illustration of some old camera obscuras

The camera obscura has been used for over a thousand years; its origin predates even the invention of optics.